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Our areas of legal expertise

We have helped clients do business across the globe but the places where we feel we really stand out are West Africa, Ukraine and the CIS.


International Development

The donor-funded business world is worth US$ 50 billion per annum. Neil Williamson is one of the few lawyers in the UK with specific experience in this field having acted for the UK's Department for International Development and leading international development organisations.


Neil Williamson has helped clients supply, install and maintain standard and bespoke software solutions to some of the most challenging parts of the world. His support has often followed working with a bid team to ensure the successful delivery of a winning public-sector tender although he is increasingly helping clients deliver SaaS solutions to the private sector in Africa.


Commercial contracts

We can provide you with a range of commercial contracts including the following:

- supply of goods and services agreements

- distribution agreements

- agency contracts

- joint venture agreements

- production sharing agreements

- installation agreements

- subcontractor agreements

- franchise contracts

- consultancy agreements

- teaming agreements

- non disclosure agreements


We can help you structure your business relationships in the simplest and most effective way.




We have significant experience in helping clients tender for public sector self-funded and donor-funded (World Bank, DFID, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and AusAid) projects. We have also helped DFID design and manage their own tender processes. We can help you with the following:

- reviewing tender documents and identifying key areas of risk

- drafting teaming agreements with your partners that are aligned with the specific tender process

- advising on the key terms to protect you that are missing in the donor-funded project templates

- advising on the bid requirements and drafting clarifications to submit to the contracting authority

- bid meetings attendance


We can help you with all aspects of the bid process to make the exercise as efficient and straightforward as possible.



I.T. Contracts

We can provide you with a range of software and hardware contracts including the following:

- systems integration agreements

- software development agreements

- outsourcing contracts

- software licences

- support and maintenance agreements

- escrow agreements

- service level agreements

- website design and supply agreements

- hosting agreements

- evaluation licences


We can help you negotiate these or we can advise on the suitability of contracts that your supplier or client has provided you with.



M&A and Company Law

We can provide you with a range of M&A and company agreements including the following:


- share purchase agreements

- asset purchase agreements

- shareholders agreements

- reconstruction agreements

- share option agreements


We can guide you from start to finish on domestic and cross border share and asset purchases or we can simply help with the due diligence on a Target located in a difficult environment.



Dispute Resolution

We do our utmost to resolve disputes between our clients and their business partners without resorting to litigation. Occasionally though court action is needed and clients can rest assured that we will pursue or defend their cases with efficiency, speed and total determination.

We are usually able to resolve disputes through correspondence and phone calls with the parties involved. If meetings are necessary then we are happy to represent our clients in whatever form those meetings may take including mediation and alternative dispute resolution forums.


If court action is needed then we will take swift action to protect our client’s interests and provide the best representation for any commercial litigation.


Our team also has experience in handling international arbitrations across a variety of sectors including oil and gas, infrastructure and construction and natural resources.


Our key areas of dispute resolution and commercial litigation practice are:


•    Court actions and Arbitration

•    ADR and Mediation​

•    Banking & Finance 
•    Contract 
•    Company & Commercial 
•    Fraud 
•    International 



Any questions about our services?

Contact us on +44 (0) 203 637 6374 or by email at neil.williamson@emlaw.co.uk

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